amos_PC.pngAMOS, the Amiga-only successor to the venerable STOS, was one of the few easy to use tools available to Amiga users that allowed for the creation and distribution of proper games. AMOS was essentially a BASIC-like programming language accompanied by certain handy utilities that allowed you to create the graphics, sounds and core of almost any game you could think of. Provided it wasn't over-ambitious and didn't push the Amiga too hard, that is.

Happily, a group of kind individuals has legally repackaged AMOS (the vastly superior and feature-laden AMOS Professional to be precise) and made it available for free for Windows PC users who wish to code for the Amiga. You can download the AMOS Professional installer and all the necessary documentation right here. It comes complete with a built-in emulator.

Just keep in mind that you will actually have to program and read quite a bit in order to get something decent up and running. Then again, BASIC is probably the easiest programming language one can master and AMOS will let you create all sorts of games and provide you with a versatile set of special instructions. Sadly, the more powerful Amiga 1200 and its AGA chip are not supported.