With so many easy to use game creation tools around, Construct 2 doesn't sound as unique as the original Construct did some years ago. I, on the other hand, always wanted to give the thing a try ever since playing and loving the excellent Phenomenon 32; a game created using the beta version of Construct and one of the most complex freeware games I have ever had the pleasure of trying.

Interestingly, even though Phenomenon 32 was a downloadable game, Construct 2 seems to only support HTML5 and web games, meaning that you can publish your creations on Facebook, Chrome's web store, the Scirra Arcade, all sorts of sites and even as a Windows 8 Metro App, but not as a proper PC or Mac program. Not yet at least, as both PC and mobile platforms (iOS/Android) have yet to be implemented; they have been promised mind you. Oh, and you can always play your Construct 2 HTML5 games offline or via LAN.

But is it any good? Is it easier to use than those other Indie Tools? Well, in a nutshell, I'd answer yes and it depends respectively. Construct 2 seems like an excellent tool for the creation of all sorts of 2D games and it does let devs drag and drop their games to completion. It is very user friendly but when compared to, say, Stencyl, one can't decide which one is the friendliest of the two. It's more of a personal taste thing or, actually, something that has more to do with how somebody thinks and creates. I for one really liked what I saw...

Better give it a try yourself though. The free version of Construct 2 should be more than enough to get you started and see whether this is the tool to unleash your creativity. Should this be the case, well, I'm sure you'd better take a look at the paid versions of the thing. They can do much more, come with commercial licenses and will eventually even allow for mobile development.