This installment of the IndieGames Podcast takes place at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles and the Blip Festival concert in New York. We hear from game designers, a game writer, music composer, sound engineer and filmmaker.

Last week Shawn McGrath released Dyad through the PlayStation Network. We hear about the music for the psychedelic racer by David Kanaga, who won an IndieCade award for his sound design for Proteus.

Kyle Pulver developed the Newgrounds award-winning platformer Depict1. He discusses the making of his latest game titles Offspring Fling and Snapshot. Gus Mastrapa covered this year's E3 Expo for the A.V. Club's Gameological Society. He has written on independent games for Wired and Joystick Division.

Finally on the program, engineer Gabe Liberti has contributed to chip music releases by Anamanaguchi and Nullsleep, both featured in the Bit.Trip game series. We also speak with frequent collaborator Asif Siddiky, director of photography on the forthcoming Minecraft documentary.

Music heard in this episode is from Infinity Shred's latest EP, which can be streamed in full on Bandcamp. The podcast is available to stream and download through Buzzsprout and SoundCloud, while show notes are located after the break.

Podcast Music Tracks:

"Intro," "Pathfinder," "Hologram," "Wayfinder" and "Untitled 00" by Infinity Shred, from EP 001 (Gnar Dream)

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