Crazy Viking Studios wants to bring hardcore, action platforming back like in Ghost'n Goblins and Castlevania with Volgarr the Viking. With the project at roughly 50% of its $18,000 Kickstarter goal and a month left on the clock, the game may have a chance to finish financially. Volgarr won't be just a side-scrolling, button masher, as players will use power-ups strategically to take out enemies and reach hidden areas.

As for perks, the $150 Collector's Edition Sega Genesis Game Spoof includes a recycled, redesigned game cart that contains a customized USB drive with a digital version of the game. The Windows digital game only pledge is $10, with an estimated release of Volgarr February 2013. The dev-muscles behind Volgarr are Shinobi 3DS lead designer Kris Durrschmidt, programmer Taron Millet, and sound designer Kochun Hu.

[Volgarr the Viking on Kickstarter]