Black Forest Games is nearing completion on its upcoming PC platformer Project Giana, and now seeks funding via Kickstarter to flesh out the final product.

Project Giana follows up on The Great Giana Sisters, an '80s platformer that earned some degree of notoriety (and, supposedly, a legal threat from Nintendo) for its resemblance to Super Mario Bros. The series saw a revival recently with the release of new entries for iOS and (somewhat ironically) the Nintendo DS.

Project Giana boasts a polarity-switching mechanic that grants players multiple abilities and transforms the surrounding environment in each level. Black Forest notes that the game in its current state will eventually see release even without Kickstarter funding, but a successful campaign will allow for the creation of additional content, new bosses, and a time attack mode.

The project's goal is set at $150,000. A DRM-free copy of Project Giana will be given to backers who pledge $10 or more. Higher pledge tiers offer t-shirts, posters, and and original concept art canvas prints, among other bonuses.