LA-MULANA's remastered (WiiWare) version is finally coming to Windows in English and Japanese on July 13 for $14.99 thanks to a partnership with Playism, NIGORO has posted on its official website. LA-MULANA includes the Hell Temple DLC for free and several moddable features.

Playism is a Japan-basesd, online game distributor that has successfully localized several hit indie games into Japanese, such as Machinarium, Inside a Star-Filled Sky, and Dear Esther.

LA-MULANA's release marks the beginning of the new website: Playism-Games. Playism is giving away free copies of the LA-MULANA soundtrack to a limited number of users who register their email. The countdown on this site correlates with the release date listed on the LA-MULANA blog, which is July 13.

In the meantime, brush up on your skills with the translated, original LA-MULANA for free.