Renegade Kid announced that the upcoming Windows version of its "12-bit platformer" Mutant Mudds will include 20 new levels aimed at expert players.

The special Grannie Edition of Mutant Mudds will be available through several digital distribution platforms. The game was previously denied an appearance on Steam, but Renegade Kid could drum up community support for a release via the recently announced Greenlight program.

"We had already resubmitted Mutant Mudds to Steam before Greenlight was announced," Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham tells us. "If Mudds is rejected again, we will pursue the Greenlight avenue for sure."

Watsham also notes that it's "possible" that Grannie Edition's new levels will be added to the Nintendo 3DS version of Mutant Mudds at a later date, but no plans have yet been made, as the studio is currently focusing its efforts on the PC release.