After being featured at the 2012 Canadian Interactive Showcase and earning support from the Canada Media Fund, Phantom Compass announced that its pinball RPG Rollers of the Realm will be released for the iPad, Xbox Live Indie Games, and PC platforms in 2013.

"Each chapter of the story features new areas to explore (and destroy), new enemies to conquer, and new party members to collect," Phantom Compass explains. "Every playable party member -- represented by a pinball -- has different abilities used for strategic play."

If the RPG elements don't interest you, Rollers of the Realm also offers a selection of standalone pinball tables that can be played with friends in a series of high score challenges.

The concept of a pinball-themed adventure game is one that's been attempted many times over the years, believe it or not (see: Pinball Quest, Odama, Flipnic), though the results to date haven't been too impressive. Here's hoping that this one lives up to its potential!