The racer, puzzler, self-alterer Dyad from ][ Games is now available exclusively on the PlayStation Network for $14.99; PS+ users pay only $11.99. Though developer Shawn McGrath and countless editors fail to find the exact words to describe Dyad, that doesn't make it a difficult game to get into and subsequently surrender to.

Controls remain basic throughout Dyad, even as it tasks players with harder goals. The d-pad or stick moves players left to right and the X button grapples and hooks onto objects for a short burst.

Dyad soon has players hooking onto pairs of objects and grazing near the center of hooked objects. With enough energy from grazing, players can lance: an invincible dash that players extend by colliding into specific enemies. Hooking onto specific pairs later creates zip-lines that add even more speed.

Dyad is an intense arcade experience of not only speed but strategy, making it all about toppling the leader boards for high score (of pairs, etc.), fastest time, or (in the case of survival) longest time in its 27 main stages, 26 trophy levels, and 26 remixed levels. Suddenly, $14.99 sounds like a fair investment.

Complementing heaps of challenges, McGrath has paired his hypnotic visuals with entrancing audio samples, courtesy of David Kanaga. Dyad apparently pushes more frames per second or more visual intensity than recorders can capture right now, because no video I have seen does the game justice.

Though we don't use metrics at Indie Games, I'm giving Dyad a 2. Out of 2. Take that, Metacritic! But don't just take my or Tim Roger's word, be sure to read this mind-blowing account by Daphny David and add your own narrative below.