BatCat Games has released an enhanced Windows version of P-3 Biotic, a microbiology-themed twin-stick shooter that originally launched as an Xbox Live Indie Game back in January.

P-3 Biotic charges players with protecting a nucleus at the center of a petri dish by constructing minefields and using power-ups to fend off invasive bacteria. The game has seen a number of additions and enhancements since its initial XBLIG release, and offers 14 enemy waves and boss encounters.

"We've enhanced the graphics to take advantage of the extra graphical horses inside most PCs, expanded and improved on the soundtrack, rebalanced the gameplay, and added a much nicer front end with all the bells and whistles of PC gaming," BatCat's Andrew O'Connor says.

P-3 Biotic is available via Desura, IndieCity, and IndieVania for $3.99.