steam icon.jpg Steam's annual Summer Sale is now in full swing. Fans can shop until July 22 for loads of indie game deals; some deals, however, expire daily.

First-person, dungeon crawling RPG Legend of Grimrock is on sale for 60% off ($5.99) as is the randomly generated dig 'em up Terreria for 75% off ($2.49) for the next 1.5 days.

Indie Bundle I is available for the next 1.5 days at $9.99 and contains The Baconing, EDGE, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Cave Story +, and Lone Survivor. This lineup is the same as outed in a NeoGAF posting, so it's possible consumers can expect future daily indie bundles to contain those leaked games, too.

Enjoy your extended Steam sale, and be sure to post in the comments below any worthy indie game sales you find.