Chucklefish has announced a way for fans to support its first title, upcoming exploration platformer Starbound, via profits from publishing Yeti Trunk's Wanderlust: Rebirth, released first in 2011. [edit] Finn "Tiy" Brice shared with Indie Games that Chucklefish receives profits from all digital sales, not just Steam.

Tiy blogs he was hesitant to take direct donations for Starbound, feeling that consumers should get something in return for their support. Yeti Trunk, as a Starbound fan, offered up its four-player, online RPG Wanderlust: Rebirth to help.

After a few months of behind the scenes negotiations, Tiy reveals that Wanderlust: Rebirth will be Chucklefish's first published game on Steam. As a third-party publisher, Chucklefish has negotiated for a percentage of profits which Tiy says will go towards Starbound's development.

Matthew Griffin of Yeti Trunk confirmed to Indie Games that his team will retain all rights, title, and interest in the IP. "It's more of a partnership. We've been in touch with Tiy since he was on the Terraria team and Wanderlust went up against that game in the Top 100 Indie Games awards last December."

Grifin says that Tiy had played their game, loved it, and wanted to help his team out. "Now that he's made Chucklefish, he has made good on his intentions and we're very grateful."

It seems a clever move for both parties involved. Tiy's previous involvement with Terraria, a large success on Steam, seems influential in getting Wanderlust, released in June 2011, on Valve's channel over a year later. The Steam version of Wanderlust: Rebirth should launch July 27, 2012.

A clip of Wanderlust is below: