Leading off this week's ScreenshotSaturday selections, Lone Survivor developer Jasper Byrne is working on something too new to describe in words. However, it appears to be a first-person title that uses the RGB color model. The green entity looks rather spooky.

So mysterious is Byrne's next title that it warrants another photo after the jump, along with a healthy selection of games new to the blog.


Out There Somewhere developer Studio MiniBoss shows off Deepest Dungeons of Doom (below), a 3-button game --attack, defense and use item-- with gameplay inspired by Sworcery and rhythm games.
deepest dungeons of png

The pixels in Andrew Sum's Dungeon Dashers are quite ravishing in this multiplayer co-op dungeon crawler.
dungeon dashers.png

Wadjet Eye Games posted a tentative art style for the next Blackwell. I'm loving the snow, lighting, and reflections.
WadjetEye new game.png

Developer Scott Tykoski has tweeted artwork for an iOS version of Elfsquad 7. This would be amazing with online multiplayer.

The Little Crane that Could developer Bram Stolk's upcoming, unnamed iOS game looks charming. Note to devs, Stolk tweets that th "best approach to ‪retina‬ web graphics: stop doing images, use vectors. With ZERO changes my old ‪#SVG‬ graphics look stunning on iPad3."
bram stolk.png

James Seow of Worthless Bums is working on a pixelated, squad-based roguelike named QUAD that is in open alpha.
worthless bums.png

Ashtom's Flying News caught my eye, despite the degraded screenshot quality. He describes it as a horizontal scroller 'Paperboy-in-the-sky'.
flying news.jpg

Not too many 3D photos in this round-up. I blame Fract, setting the bar pretty high.
fract new2.jpg

Lastly, Pixeltruss Games' sidescroller/platformer Ripple Dot Zero, spotted by Mike Rose back in 2009, is still alive and even more stunning. Check it out in motion, too.
ripple dot zero.jpg

Thoughts about this week's collection? Are you still enjoying this feature? Devs: Twitter accounts with links to websites that have information on your game is much appreciated!