screenshotsaturday4 header.png

Though Zombies Go to a Party is small in scale, the above Chiptune Fest seemed a pretty rockin' way to start off this week's feature. Not to mention, devs have overworked zombies in games, and they deserve a party. This party belongs to Mini LD #36 entry Eruption developer Derevenksy.

This week's Screenshot Saturday sampling is about a lot more than zombies, though, with almost 200 pics to peruse. Enviro-bear 2010 dev Justin Smith posted a cryptic character shot (of something!?!). The arwork of Tyrone Henrie's Catapult for Hire and Final Boss Entertainment's Doom-like FPS Wrack have received major updates, too.

But that's just the beginning of The Day After #ScreenshotSaturday.

hitboxteam new.jpg

Dustforce developers are working on an FPS roguelike, described as a kind of Quake and NetHack mix. The character is holding a revolver and a thurible (incense burner), Mary Kish of Hitbox Team tells me. The game currently has no name, but I'm expecting something (un)holy.

Venusian Vengeance.png

Flash sponsors, Venusian Vengeance needs your support. This is a top-down run and gun semi-prequel to Alec Stamos' Cold Vengeance. Stamos is also known for Tales of the Renegade Sector and most recently Ninja the Explorer.

humans must answer.jpg

Sumom Games is working on a 2D space shooter with puzzle elements called Humans Must Answer. Oh crap, what am I guilty of now? And if I'm a cyborg, can I be only partially accountable?

puzzle island ishisoft.png

This is a WIP from Ishisoft, entitled Puzzle Island. Puzzles on a pixelated island? I'm intrigued!


Sven Bergstrom's game made me do a double-take. Was this a WIP photo of Monaco? No, it's Bergstrom's own CTRLR, top down, procedural stealth game with a focus on feel and audio.


Zayne Black's Flibble delivers visually, as a narrative-driven Adventure (Atari 2600)-inspired maze game. Fingers crossed no Yorgle's are in this one. My heart can't take it.

XRA game.jpg

Finally, Memory of a Broken Dimension earns a mention for its one of many odd images you can see on x r a's website. MOBD may be an FPS, as hinted at the "FPS?" on the game's page. "The emulator of an obscure computer system propagates across the internet, a signal is established..." It's almost as cryptic as this Tweet recently sent to our fair IGF Chairman:

"@brandonnn PLE░▒▓█▀▄ LLOW RECEIV░▒▄ SET T▀ CH░NNE▒▀ █▀▄DWIDTH! FIX█▀ DOWNL░AD VECT▀R T░WARDS RA =▀17:45.6, Dec = -28:56 (2000.0░░░▒░░▓██▀▒▄▄"