wake up call.pngI'm diving right into the fifth edition of The Day After #ScreenshotSaturday with Martin Ziegler's visually striking Wake Up Call. The beta of it went well enough that everyone should get to play it "next week."

The premise is rather out there. The game happens inside a comatose man's mind, and he has to to earn his consciousness back. I'm ready, Mr. Ziegler.

I can't say the rest of the games have such a deep premise, but they sure are nice to look at! That's what this feature is for, after all...

TerraIncognita.gifTerra Incognita has gameplay based loosely on roguelikes, with random world generation, permadeath, and an RPG leveling and equipment system. Unlike roguelikes, the game has a party/trek. Players need to feed their trek and build a camp to rest or to stay safe during nights.

Robot Lemmings.pngAndy Brown of Ursa Games is working on Robot Lemmings. As to how it's different from regular Lemmings, there are different commands such as the robots can transform into stairs. A lot of level design mechanics are different, too. Examples: players can stand on a button that powers a lift, and the robots need to fill up factories to power stuff .

invador e.pngUnderground Pixel's Invader Eliminator is a retro arcade game set in space. Players use their ability to flip gravity to smash enemies to bits. Programming begins for iOS on Monday, with possibly other platforms later.

jessefreemangame.pngJesse Freeman's Resident Raver is a mix between Super Crate Box and Elevator Action with raver zombies. Freeman says he's been overhauling it for Windows 8 from HTML5.

mattthorsongame.pngMatt Throson and Alec Holowka are working on TowerFall, an action-platformer about archery and climbing towers. It has 4-player local play, and online play is a possibility. As for its release, it won't be freeware.

Vox.pngSteve Ball's Vox is a voxel-based adventure and creation game. Ball tweets that it will be different from Minecraft in MANY ways. It's rather early in development, but here are the Vox-els in motion.

infestedspace.pngAlex Larioza of Pixel Squid Games is working on InfestedSpace, a top-down horror game set on a spaceship that has been infested with aliens. You shoot stuff and try to not to die.The player also has to balance their blaster and flashlight usage as they both take from the same pool of energy.

Neon Galaxy.pngFinally, Mark Sachs' Neon Galaxy is a twin-stick shooter for the Mac (with a Windows port planned), with randomized gaming inspired by Descent and Spelunky.

And with that, I wrap up the first (and possibly only) month of this feature, at least in this format. Be sure to read the other Day After #SreenshotSaturday posts to get a lightning-fast dose of indie game updates and introductions.