120809_gravnav.jpgAndrew Nissen and Folmer Kelly have launched GRAVNAV, a one-button, autoscrolling action game that challenges players to dodge incoming obstacles from a rapidly shifting gameplay perspective.

Kelly does a fine job of explaining the premise:

"GRAVNAV is a totally radical video game where you think you're probably playing Canabalt in space but then I guess the camera falls on the ground? And it lands sideways, so now you're playing Canabalt-in-space upside down! And then you think you can adapt to this new reality your monitor finds itself in and BAM the camera falls again and now you're playing Canabalt-in-space-upside-down but you're going backwards!"

It's basically that, yeah. Oddly, the first obstacle is the most difficult -- get past that and you're well on your way to earning a high score.