super house of dead ninjas.pngAs Megadev's follow-up to last year's hit, Super House of Dead Ninjas is here with more than cosmetic upgrades to its time racing, head rolling, and action platforming. Players start with the familiar katana, shuriken (which players can pick up after using), and bomb. The sequel adds a magic ability with lightning as default.

Super House of Dead Ninjas adds more replay with several tweaks and discoverable or achievement-like upgrades. There are 26 alternate weapon types and 16 different cheat types like adding time, life, and weapon stock. Fairies seem much harder to find now. And while several enemies have returned, players now encounter boss fights every 100 floors.

Overall, Super House of Dead Ninjas feels more forgiving. On top of the upgrades, players get two continues. Instead of losing a life when the timer reaches zero, a demon-like creature chases players down until they find another time power-up. Thankfully, Megadev continues the fan service with another creative instruction booklet in the form of a stylish comic book. The game itself is just as stylish and fun. Enjoy.

[Thanks, Yaw A.]