castle crashers pc.pngThe Behemoth, the gigantic yet very indie developers of Castle Crashers, having heard the cries of the PC gaming masses, have decided to go on and release a poem. A poem that promises a Steam release of Castle Crashers, reveals that the game is already running on the platform, but wisely avoids announcing a release date. This poem (by Dan Paladin):

While BattleBlock has been churning, there's another wheel turning! And that wheel is Castle Crashers running on Steam!

It was accomplished by utilizing one of our programming teams! We always liked this platform so it's kind of a dream!

I'd say a release date but the future's unknown. If I make a mistake I shall never atone.

If you're in Germany this weekend please say hi to John. He is presenting our Steam game at Gamescom. If you're extra nice maybe a hands on!

Schnell! Schnell! And Fare thee well!

Castle Crashers Steam will come with an impressive feature list, that already sports such goodies as integrated voice chat, Steam achievements, gamepad support, Steam Cloud support, local and online multiplayer, the brilliant hand drawn 2D visuals we were all expecting, over 30 levels plus five arena modes, 25 unlockable characters, 40 weapons and all sorts of new and old game modes.

As for the system requirements (yes, they too have been announced which should mean we are not too far from release), well, a dual core processor and a 256MB graphics card should do. Apparently, you'll also be needing a hard drive and 1 gigabyte of memory. Sadly, no release on floppy disks has been announced.