The 82nd Touhou... errr, Comic Market (Komike or "comiket") will take place at the Tokyo Big Sight on August 10-12 and bring a slew of manga, music, and independent games to enjoy. Finding anything announced without a Touhou influence has been difficult, but these four Windows titles have gameplay I don't see every day in our inbox.

Take the above "real time, high speed, action RPG" 双子魔法組曲 -WORLD OF TWAIN- or (roughly Magical Twins Music Suite) from circle 永久る~ぷ (Eternal Loop). Players use mouse and keyboard to assign different commands in a real time battle that resembles a chaotic Deathsmiles, complete with turning your character's direction. According to the story path you choose, the party members you use change. Those members also get to go on dates during the campaign. The character's chemistry can affect potency of magical powers and more. iPad, please! (Keep an eye on this download page for a free trial).

What happens when you splice together train simulator Densha de Go! and thrilling racer Initial D? You get Jinushi Ippa's Densha de D, returning this year with ClimaxStage (start the video around the 13:00 mark to catch some of the action). I've ridden the Shinkansen a bit, but it never seemed this thrilling, nor did I know trains could hop tracks so easily! Also important to any Initial D homage, Densha de D has some pounding Eurobeat and a _bit_ of spoken dialogue to increase the dramatic tension. (Demo)

I said I can't escape the Touhou influence, and for this one, I don't want to. UTG Software's すわこちゃんcubic (Suwako-chan) is a multi-perspective, jump-and-dodge bullet hell with an optional 3D effect. Following up on the 諏訪子の弾幕ぴょんぴょん大散策 (Suwapyon, for short) game formula, these Touhou-inspired bullet patterns are even more beautiful and varied in overhead and isometric perspectives. Seeing them take different shapes and dispersing is almost as fun as playing the demo itself.

Finally, doujin circle team Grand Cross has revealed what they call a nostalgic, 3D shooting game: Speace Harrier (demo). It's a little light on excitement right now, but man, I do miss the intense scrolling action of Space Harrier games. Most shooters, be them vertical or horizontal, scroll too slowly. They, instead, rely on the speed and intensity of their bullets to activate my adrenaline. It begs the question: any Space Harrier-like indie projects out there?

That's it for now. Feel free to post in the comments any C82-related games you find. Anyone going this August?