asylum teaser.pngTechnically, what we have here is not a demo per se, but more of an interactive teaser, yet it also happens to be something absolutely worth drooling over. What am I talking about? Why the release of the Asylum Interactive Teaser of course and our first chance to experience the interactive horrors of Asylum; the forthcoming, eagerly awaited and happily disturbing adventure by Scratches creator and horror maestro Agustin Cordes. Yes, it is indeed the same game that has been under intensive development since (at least) 2009 and will be released sometime in 2013.

The demo itself takes place in the (fictional) Hanwell Mental Institute, probably the biggest and most complex building to ever appear in a game, sports the voice of adventure legend Josh Mandel and serves the dual purpose of setting the game's deeply unsettling tone and showcasing the terrific Dagon engine, that, though specifically developed for it, will graciously be made available as an open source tool. Now, I will not spoil anything for you, but I will tell you that this teaser is properly scary and downright beautiful, and will definitely leave you wanting for more. Much more.

The Asylum Interactive Teaser is available for Windows PCs, Mac and Ubuntu.