trouble robots.pngI'm not exactly sure whether the hand-drawn graphics or the promise of a new card-game drew me in, but I do know that, at the end of the day, The Trouble With Robots cost me said day. Interestingly though it's much more than a merely addictive game, which, as Zynga has proven, is something that can be cheaply achieved. It's an actually great game.

Sporting some sharp writing The Trouble With Robots goes on to tell the often hilarious tale of the corporate, real-estate loving but not particularly nasty robot invasion of a quasi-feudal traditional fantasy setting. Centaurs, trolls, dwarfs, peasants and elves are pitted against all sorts of robots, including a huge 8-bit CPUed brute. Battles are fought à la Magic The Gathering only (uniquely and wisely) in real-time and with a smaller deck of cards. Most importantly, they work brilliantly.

Better though to find out for yourselves. The game has been released for Windows PCs and it even comes with a lovely demo.