The amount of quality games produced for Ludum Dare 24 is simply staggering and, though we obviously won't be able to cover everything, you should really take your time and enjoy as many of the 1406 entries as you can. You could always start off with Soul Jar, mind you. A unique and impressively polished game by Farmergnome of Under The Garden fame.

The game, besides looking beautiful in its pixel-art parallax-scrolling glory, has you platforming and adventuring along a "soul jar" from space: a robot with an evolving A.I. that collects and imitates behaviors and can thus be trained by watching your in-game actions. As Farmergnome puts it, "if you become aggressive shooting your way through the enemies the robot will take on aggressive traits, eventually even targeting you, if you heal, carry and protect him he will learn to protect you also, if you are greedy and consume all the food and liquids and items he will adopt those traits also".