Mark Foster of Clawhammer Games emailed IndieGames about his new Windows action puzzler Telepaint, where players use sets of portals to navigate the character to its goal. Since the paint character automatically moves, players must time when to activate the portal pairs to use the appropriate trajectory.

IndieGames previewed the dev's Limbo- and Fez-inspired Chroma in June. Telepaint is based off Chroma's source code, so it serves as a glimpse of what the larger Chroma will look like.

Telepaint's cleverness and Chroma's promise suggest Mark Foster is a dev worth following. That said, I'd offer two tweaks for Telepaint: a speed-up button for those longer, slow auto-walks and a timer or "moves counter" to push players to learn optimum paths. Those interested can download Mark Foster/Clawhammer Games' Telepaint for Windows now.