fibrillation.pngDisorientation. Oddness. Darkness. Hallucinations. Voices. Impaired vision. Yes, getting scared doesn't have to involve violence. At least not of the direct kind. A truly empty building can be perfect for horror, let alone a building that doesn't really make sense. A building that defies the laws of both physics and logic. Or an endless maze. Or, well, a brand new indie horror game called Fibrillation by Egor Rezenov.

Created on a shoe-string budget, Fibrillation, a "first person philosophic horror with elements of mysticism" according to its developer, is both unsettling and thought-provoking. And, despite being a gorgeous little game, it also allows you to close your in-game eyes. And be scared while enjoying the short and evocative Dear Esther-esque experience it has to offer. An experience that won't last you more than an hour and has been designed to be played through in one sitting.

Now, though Fibrillation is not a perfect game (the jarring voice-over and a couple of dull areas are a bit of a disappointment) it is definitely worth checking out. At $1.95 it's more than reasonably priced too. Besides, you will also be supporting a young and apparently really talented developer.