Stolen Couch Games' Green Light Bundle is now up for grabs, offering a collection of four games for a minimum $1 purchase, or up to eight games for $5 or more.

Pay more than $1 and you'll get Stolen Couch's one-button puzzler Ichi, AngryMob Games' platformer Muffin Knight, PixelJam's prehistoric autoscroller Dino Run SE, and Studio Evil's shoot-'em-up Syder Arcade.

Purchase the bundle for $5 or more and you'll also receive Bertil Hörberg's side-scrolling action game Gunman Clive, Madfinger's hack-and-slasher Samurai II Vengeance, AngryMob's top-down shooter Guerrilla Bob, and Crescent Moon Games' platformer Paper Monsters, along with a collection of five bonus soundtracks.

"All games featured in this bundle are on Steam Greenlight but are not yet in the Steam store," the collection's organizers explain. "You can help the developers out by rating the games on Steam Greenlight. If enough people rate a game it will likely make it to the Steam Store."