articy.pngThere are some times when you run into things you didn't even know existed and then go on and wonder how anyone could live without them. It's those times when you either feel consumerism has finally gotten to you or you are a designer of complex games and discover such tools as articy:draft.

As I sincerely hope you are a designer and not someone who's ready to spend quite a lot of money on the "first professional tool for story and game design", let me just say that articy:draft is a truly impressive program. Or, well, at the very least and after putting marketing jargon aside, the very first tool of its ilk I have ever ran into, and I'm utterly loving it.

Just firing it up to have a look at its interface and maybe even design a test game, got me all excited and writing and thinking and coming up with names and, well, I now have a fully formed idea for a project, that will of course have to wait, but, hey, that was pretty awesome articy:draft!

Articy:draft, you see, provides you with a sleek and intuitive interface that lets you create, organize and, potentially, share with your team members a complete design bible. It can handle non-linear stories, locations, maps, dialogue, assets, concept art, characters, enemies, all sort of objects and, I'm pretty sure, more. The thing will even help you with versioning and will also let you export your data to the ever-handy XML format.

You can try articy:draft for free for 30 days by requesting your trial copy here. Should you decide to go on and use it, you'll have to buy it for prices ranging from 349 euros for single user licenses to 749 euros for the "enterprise" edition. Happily, indie developers and educators can apparently negotiate for better prices.