indiecade.jpgIndieCade judges have chosen 36 finalists out of more than 500 submissions for its 2012 Festival. Developers will exhibit their games at IndieCade October 6 and 7, 2012 in Culver City, California.

Couch co-op, a personal favorite, is a common theme among the selected games. Fortunately, the festival will house these smokin' games in a fire station, just in case their trailblazing turns literal. Hopefully, co-ed contests involving fire hoses and pole sliding will also be a festival highlight.

"IndieCade was created to foster the development of, and highlight, the most innovative and entertaining independent games," explained Stephanie Barish, CEO of IndieCade. "We take pride in spotlighting tomorrow's hit indie game today. We also love giving festival attendees the opportunity to see these amazing titles."

The full list of games is after the jump:

A Closed World- MIT Gambit Game Lab
Analogue: A Hate Story - Christine Love
Armada D6- Eric Zimmerman and John Sharp
Beat Sneak Bandit- Simogo
Blindside- Aaron Rasmussen & Michael T. Astolfi
Bloop- Rusty Moyhe
Botanicula- Amanita Designs
Cart Life- Richard Hofmeier
Chroma Shuffle- Sifteo
Contre Jour- Maksym Hryniv
Dreams of Your Life - Alex Fleetwood
Find Me A Good One- Andy Wallace
FTL: Faster Than Light- Subset Games
Gorogoa- Jason Roberts
Guacamelee- Drinkbox Studios
Hidden in Plain Sight- Adam Spragg
Hit Me! - Kaho Abe
Hokra- Ramiro Corbetta
Interference -Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman
International Racing Squirrels- Playniac
Open Source- Super Soul
POP: Methodology - Robert Lach
Prom Week- Expressive Intelligence Studio
Qasir Al Wasat - Aduge Studio
Reality Ends Here- Jeff Watson and Simon Wiscombe, USC Game Innovation Lab
Renga- wallFour
Splice - Cipher Prime
Stacatto- NYU Game Center
Super Space _____ - Digipen Singapore
Tengami- Nyamyam
The Stanley Parable- Davey Wreden
Unmanned- Molleindustria
Vornheim- Zak S.
Wooden Sen'Sey- Upper Byte
yamove- Katherine Isbister

Individual links and game photos can be found on the official IndieCade site.