Though its initial Kickstarter campaign fell short of expectations, Adept Software has launched a new project to fund the creation of a sequel to the 1993 DOS shareware platformer Jetpack.

Designed by Jetpack's original creator Adam Pedersen, Jetpack 2 boasts new features like a real-time physics engine, but pays tribute to its roots with a soundtrack made up entirely of MOD files. Like its predecessor, Jetpack 2 will also include a level editor, which is currently in beta testing.

As of this writing, Jetpack 2 has earned more than $8,000 toward its funding goal of $10,000. DRM-free copies of the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of the game will be given to backers who pledge $15 or more, and the beta version can be accessed immediately after the campaign's conclusion by pledging $30 or more.