VESPER.5.pngMade for the Super Friendship Club's final pageant with the theme of "ritual," Michael Brough's Vesper.5 for Mac and Windows asks to become a part of our lives "for at least the next 100 days" to complete the game. Vesper.5 requires patience, thoughtful decision, and most importantly commitment (through ritual), since it allows players to make one move every day. Better described by Brough, "even the smallest decisions have their consequences amplified when you can only move daily."

Winner of the Filthy Phallus Award for Vertex Dispenser, I think Brough may earn another award for the slowest-progressing game with Vesper.5.

Months from now, we can all reconvene and discuss our journeys. I moved to the right today. More importantly, I did so because the curious part of me wants to see the next screen. Talk about delayed gratification!