McPixel's got balls (I think), which is more than I can say for half of the cast of his game after he's done with them. See, when McPixel doesn't know how to solve one of the 100 point-and-click, life-or-death puzzles, he just approaches the nearest groin and goes all David Beckham on it. Maybe it's all the pressure the 20-second time limit imposes, but McPixel sure has rash behavior down to an art, which makes playing or even watching it all the better.

McPixel feels best as a mobile game, with simple touch-anywhere controls. It's also best played in crowded areas where players can have real-life targets to reenact their favorite McPixel moment. Start perfecting your "McPixel punt" today for $1.99 for iOS or Android before the price goes up. Those who still believe bigger is better can purchase it instead for Windows, Mac, or Linux.