There aren't enough games inspired by the seminal Adventure on the Atari 2600 these days. Nor are there enough properly funny arcade indie games sporting walls of text. Happily, Flibble has just been released and is about to change all that, what with its, err, Adventure inspired design and sharp, text-heavy cutscenes. Actually, the game is a brilliant retro-styled maze exploration, Flibble collecting, monster shooting offering with a keen sense of humour, a silly soundtrack, an impressive variety of levels and game modes, and one of the most sarcastic A.I.s you've ever encountered. What's more, it's the very first game ever to let you sprinkle its levels with breadcrumbs and explode its dialogue.

Flibble is currently only available for Windows, though Linux and Mac ports might actually happen. You can buy it now, DRM-free directly from its site and enjoy a discount on its already low price.