Retro/Grade is now available via the North American PlayStation Network for $9.99 and should release later today in European stores. Retro/Grade supports official guitar controllers or the standard DualShock, as players aim to score as low as possible in a reverse shmup. In addition to a solid campaign mode, the game boasts a challenge mode with 130 stages spanning a map filled with secret paths, warps, and rewards.

Retro/Grade is full of indie cameos, as well. Of its 11 unlockable ships, some boast the likenesses of Meat Boy, Minecraft, Octodad, and Go Home Dinosaurs.

Addressing the question most indie game fans ask, Matt Gilgenbach spoke to IndieGames about the possibility of a PC port. "We own Retro/Grade completely, so we can put it on whatever platforms make sense. I wouldn't say Steam or any other platform is an easy option since we have over half a million lines of code tailored to squeezing every ounce of performance out of the PS3, so porting is a big task."

Retro/Grade will be the first free title in the Europe-only PlayStation Plus Presents program. According to Gilgenbach, "As long as you are a Plus member and download it for free during [the] 8 weeks, the game is yours unless you stop being a member." Sony has not announced any PlayStation Plus Presents plans for North America so far.