Following up on the recent unveiling of Knytt Underground, newly-formed publisher Ripstone announced that it will release a lineup of three awaited indie titles exclusively for PlayStation Plus members in Europe, as part of the recently unveiled PlayStation Plus Presents campaign.

The promotion will give members of the subscription-based PlayStation Plus program early and exclusive access to Nifflas/Green Hill's Knytt Underground and Boss Baddie/VooFoo Studios' Really Big Sky follow-up Big Sky Infinity (pictured above) for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

"PlayStation Plus Presents is a European exclusive initiative which searches for the very best independently developed titles and allows them to be downloaded on the service at no cost for eight weeks after launch," Ripstone explains. Both games will be released publicly as paid titles once the promotion ends.

Ripstone additionally revealed that it plans to launch a third, unnamed indie title during the PlayStation Plus Presents campaign. Release dates for featured titles have not been announced.