Marc Steene and Wray Burgess pay tribute to Mark J. Hadley's Slender sensation with Slenderman's Shadow to mix up players' scary experiences. It's mostly the same game - avoid Slender and collect 8 pages - with tweaked AI, new sounds, and new environments.

The Sanatorium map is available now for Windows, with a hospice location and three more classified locations coming this fall. The trailer suggests a very interesting element, even if the devs removed it temporarily: what would happen if one fought back? How would The Slender Man retaliate? Unfortunately, the game presently doesn't answer either of these questions.

The Slender Man photos showed the being in broad day light, so I would love to see someone tackle daytime terror/horror. I'd also like to see other characters pop up in some maps, as The Slender Man photos suggest he spooks crowds, too. Maybe Steene and Burgess are up for the challenge.