From September 10- 20, nine Xbox Live Indie Games make their debut during the Indie Games Uprising III.

Smudged Cat Games returns to XBLIG with puzzle platformer Gateways. Hermitgames also returns with qrth-phyl, an arcade documentary of classic maze/snake mechanics.

Michael Hicks will release his third XBLIG title Sententia, "a game that explores the challenges we face to keep our imagination and creative spirits alive as we grow." Chris Zukowski will debut with the long awaited City Tuesday, a game where players will control a man who is stuck reliving the final 5 minutes of his life before a terrorist attack.

Other titles include roguelike Diehard Dungeon by tricktale, block-building sandbox game Xenominer by Gristmill Studios, challenging 3D puzzle game Entropy by Autotivity, the first-person shooter/puzzle game Pixel by Ratchet Game Studios, and call center simulation game Smooth Operators by Andreas Heydeck.