jeanclaudevanjam.jpgBabycastles and the Eyebeam Game Research Group held the Jean Claude Van Jam on August 17-19 at the Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in New York, with teams creating nine games based on Oscar-worthy Van Damme movies. Katamari Damacy developer Keita Takahashi joined NYU Game Center co-founder Eric Zimmerman and Gigantic Mechanic's Greg Trefry in picking the best games.

The above-pictured browser game Show Her My Thailand: A Street Fighter Romance was a runner up along with Master Tanaka's Flexibility Challenge. The former is a text-adventure game, where players have to woo Kylie with their suave speech. The latter is a two-player, head-to-head stretching game, which is more about control than strength.

Brian S. Chung's and GJ Lee's Grand prize winner "Wrong Bet!" requires a bit of preparation: 10 players (four fighters and six betters) and 2 laptops (one white and one black).

Wrong Bet has an elaborate diagram and play arena photos here, for those who have an army of friends and a large, open space to play it.

All nine games are available at the official Jean Claude Van Jam site and are demoed in this video:

[via @idaimages]