The developers from the fourth annual No More Sweden have shared 15 game jam creations and the above presentation, starting with the three audience favorites. First up is Iji developer Daniel Remar with cooperative, three-game collection Bromancing Saga 2 (previously covered).

Next is Cobalt developer Oxeye with one-button, multiplayer, arcade game Cells. Players must hit their button when a wave from the center of the screen or from other opponents passes over them. Players who hit the button when the wave is over their nucleus cause it to evolve and emit their own wave. If they hit the button with the wave anywhere else, the cell will divide.

The third game is Tiny Colossus with wobbly sports title No More Soccer, which is a man-on-man game on a miniature soccer field. For a bit of celebrity, the video also shows Tiny Hawk developer Pekuja (at around 5:10), two thirds of Spirits developer Spaces of Play (at around 15:50), and Masjin developer Hempuli (at around 19:30).

[games via @McFunkypants, video via @grapefrukt]