summerbatch.pngScreen 7, a small yet most promising adventure game developer and apparently publisher, is helping five brand new indie games make their bundled debut via Summerbatch vol.1 - a very indie, very pay-what-you-want bundle. Grab it and enjoy four point-and-click adventures and one stealth/beat-'em-up, all the while supporting the developers (funds will be split evenly between each dev) and the Special Effect charity.

The four point-and-clickers on offer are modern-day and seemingly very silly pirate adventure Barely Floating, Nancy The Happy Whore by the creator of the amazing Technobabylon, hand-painted fantasy offering Patchwork and PISS, whereas the stealth game that will most probably help break the pace is going under the apt name of Jailbreak.

Now, as I've only given the games short playthroughs, I can't say much, beyond the fact they are all very well made indeed, feel absolutely fresh and intriguing, and that the cheekily named PISS by Ben Chandler is a true gem. A gem set in a wildly imaginative world filled with interesting characters, exotic locales and excellent pixel-art graphics. A gem that can be both funny and touching while taxing you with well-crafted puzzles and, thus, something definitely worth grabbing.