collage august 2012.jpgIndie games Symphony, Rigonauts, Deponia, and Unmechanical have all hit Steam and other online stores over the past few days, offering players a healthy variety of genres for the upcoming weekend. English Country Tune is in a slightly different boat, finally releasing on Steam today after being available through the Humble store since November 2011.

Each of the games is highlighted after the jump.

German developer Daedalic Entertainment releases the English version of comedy adventure Deponia on Steam for $15.99 and developer-direct for $24.99. Players assume the role of a low-life who happens upon a woman that fell from above. While first deciding to help her, he noticed his similarity to her husband and resolves to make her fall in love with him, instead. Nice.

Engient's Rigonauts on Steam escaped last year's Activision indie competition unscathed, despite winning the $75,000 second prize. This self-published, building, smashing, and crashing physics-based game is $9.99 for Windows.

Talawa Games' Unmechanical is a "a puzzle adventure that combines tricky puzzle solving, alluring exploration, and an engrossing atmosphere," on sale for $8.99 for Windows on Steam, GOG, and more. Those wanting an in-depth account should read this Rock, Paper, Shotgun piece.

Empty Clip Studios' Galaga-like Symphony, which builds stages based on players' music libraries, is available for Windows for $9.99 on Steam and Playism Games. Hardcore shmup fans may find fault with the game, but in smaller, casual doses, this one may be more enjoyable.

Last but not least, Increpare's puzzler English Country Tune hits Steam today for Windows and Mac users, at a $0.50 discount. For $4.49, there is hardly a better, recent brain-scrambler. Fans can still purchase it directly from the developer and grab free demos here.