The cancellation of the WiiWare version of La-Mulana for North America and Europe earlier this year disappointed many fans of developer Nigoro's work, but expedited the launch of an English-translated PC version in July.

Those still waiting for a console version of La-Mulana will be able to play the game very soon, however. In an unexpected development, Nigoro announced that the WiiWare edition has been un-cancelled, and will be released in the United States and Europe on September 20th.

The Barcelona-based EnjoyUp Games (Chronos Twins DX, 99 Bullets) will publish the WiiWare version of the game, resuming the work that former La-Mulana publisher Nicalis abandoned in April, citing shifting marketplace conditions. The game will be priced at 1,000 Wii Points ($10) at launch, according to Nintendo's recently updated product page.