As much as I love a good synthesized song, there's something special and seemingly rare about indie game music with lyrics. Thanks to the Internet, I've realized dozens of quality songs exist in indie games already. Some songs start at the title, others at the end credits, and some even in-game. To celebrate these songs, I have begun gathering them here.

First up is Beck's Cities (on Queasy Games' Sound Shapes). This PlayStation Network (Vita and PS3) game and song will make you MOVE a little, TURN a little, BREAK a little and even HURT a little. Hell, the stage itself sings along!

Gruff Rhys' Whale Trail (on ustwo's Whale Trail)

This one's as sublime as a rainbow-excreting whale in the sky.

Doseone's Gun Godz Title Theme (on Vlambeer's Gun Godz)

A little rap and hip-hop never hurt anyone.

Jasper Byrne's Where Is It Going? (on his Lone Survivor)

Developer, singer, and songwriter power house here!

Alec Holowka and Jenna Sharpe's Lost to the Waves (on Bit Blot's Aquaria)

Solemn, soft, and serene, Sharpe's singing sounds like waves rushing in over the orchestra.

Robert Ellis' Two Weeks Notice (on Robit Studios' Treasure Adventure Game)

The vocals are so soft, one may wonder why they're there. But it's a great touch to have them as an added instrument.

Francisco "Foco" Cerda's Conquistador (on Final Form Games' Jamestown)

Even fewer lyrics than Two Weeks Notice, but these vocal instruments offer more power than any other sound featured when singing the end boss' name.

Henry Namark's Now You're a Hero (on Kianis' You Have To Burn The Rope)

Cute and a little bit fourth wall, if that even applies to music?!

Dejobaan's The Wonderful End of the World End Theme

A little funky rap to usher in the wonderful end of the world.

Hania's Alice is Dead (on Alice is Dead Episode 3)

This ending song aptly laments Alice's death.

The Laura Shigihara and Bastion Experience:

A song list without Laura Shigihara or Bastion material? They will get their own post very soon, with some amazing Jessie Seely sprinkled on top. Even if her songs were for more commercial games, Virt composed them and offers them for download.

[This took some hunting and asking, so thanks goes to Josh Whelchel, Michael Molinari, Whitaker Blackall, Patrick Gann, Chris Priestman, and the OC Remix forums. I hope this inspires people to share below more great songs!]