emptyblack.pngHackers can make for good game developers, or at least this one does. In the newly released HTML5 game Empty Black, players will jump deftly, throw crates to solve puzzles, use bullets, bombs, swords, missiles and turrets to arrive at... well, the empty black. One of the most appealing moments to me was seeing the characters' health displays. As shown in the photo above, damage chips away at their inner white square bodies.

I asked creator Mary Rose Cook about the health meters. "The health being shown as part of the squares' bodies was an idea that slowly evolved. I didn't want to show any HUD graphics at all. So, initially, health wasn't shown at all. But that was weird. So I added little health bars to the upper half of the squares. I then realised I could make it so pieces of the bodies were taken away until there was nothing left."

For a quick puzzle platformer experience, give Empty Black a go. Those who want to see the mechanics of Empty Black in action can check out the video after the jump.

Now, if only Cook's Pistol Slut played as smoothly...