Spastic.pngLucas Pietrzak's Spastic manages to overwhelm me visually almost as much as Terry Cavanagh's Hexagon and feels somewhat similar to it. Players must rotate in one of two directions in the center of the screen to reflect oncoming pellets, all to the rhythm of the music. The gambling comes from players deciding when to cash out their score that multiplies from each reflected pellet (by pressing "up"). One stray pellet to the center ends that precious combo.

The game randomly generates stages based on one's music library. However, Spastic doesn't always recognize MP3s. I don't mind that Chrome is the only browser I can play Spastic in; I just wish I knew how to get more of my library to work. As a word of warning, when songs do work, expect a twenty-second load time or more.

Interestingly, this game's size is restricted to just 13 kilobytes. That's the main rule in Js13kGames, a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers. Spastic doesn't quite incorporate the Number 13 theme, but it's fun nonetheless. Once done, feel free to check out over fifty other entries in the competition.