120531_devfund.jpgKyttaro Games (an indie games label staffed by IndieGames.com contributor Konstantinos Dimopoulos) is now accepting applications for its Indie Dev Grant, a funding opportunity to be decided by public vote during the next Bundle In A Box campaign.

Set to launch this month, the second Bundle In A Box will allow buyers to set their own price for several included indie games, with options to divide the purchase price between featured developers and a charity donation.

For every 100 bundles sold over the duration of the campaign, $10 will be added to the Indie Dev Grant. The full Dev Grant amount will be awarded to an individual or group that emerges as the top pick in a vote among bundle supporters.

"The grant can be used in any way the developer that earns it sees fit and will in no way be obliged to co-operate with Kyttaro Games or Bundle in a Box," organizers note. "Developers that have already taken part in one of our bundles or are willing to do so in the future are also eligible for the grant. Actually, absolutely anyone is free to enter; yes, even people trying to buy some time in order to create their next freeware gem."

Applications for the Indie Dev Grant may be submitted at Kyttaro Games' website. The deadline for entry is September 10th.