Alexander Szpakowski's multiplatform release Snayke takes the Snake formula and adds a puzzle twist. While traditional rules hold, players can't run into themselves and must eat the blocks, Snayke adds multiple block types: teleporters, bombs, sequentials, reversals, and more.

Szpakowski is a relative newcomer, but he worked on Portal and Mario mash-up Mari0. Anton Riehl, who worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Overgrowth, and Receiver soundtracks, has lent his talents to Snayke's tracks.

Windows, Mac, and Linux users can grab the standalone demo here. The demo includes 20 puzzle levels and classic Snake mode with a local 2-player option.

The full version includes over 100 official levels, replay saves, user created levels via an in-game level editor, and 4-player local multiplayer. Snayke is 30% off now on Desura, bringing it to $3.49. Steam fans can vote to Greenlight the game, too.