A most interesting evolution of Snake gameplay, hermitgames' qrth-phyl has released DRM-free for Windows for $3 and on XBLIG for 80 MS points. Players alternate between snaking along the outside or inside of cubes and the sides of flatter spaces. While players must avoid running into themselves, the stages have all sorts of death traps such as laser fields and protruding walls, too.

The 3D inverted controls felt rather odd at first, almost creating a "flying" sensation when the snake is inside the tight cube spaces. But like most odd sensations programmed well, this didn't take long to adjust to and feel almost as natural as snaking on a 2D plane.

Those new to hermitgames may want his three-game bundle that includes qrth-phyl and two other games for only $2 more. Players can also net Fren-ze and Leave Home for a total of $5, shaving off $4 if purchased separately.

Lastly, qrth-phyl's XBLIG release marks the beginning of the latest Indie Uprising campaign. Fans can enjoy it and eight other games over the course of the next two weeks.