Kurt Kalata, creator of the niche gaming shrine Hardcore Gaming 101, revealed that he's working on a point-and-click adventure game starring a befuddled Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus is an Idiot chronicles the explorer's many foibles and misadventures, and serves as a follow-up to Kalata's previous work in the genre, Que Pasa, Perro?

"The story is loosely based on history, in as much as 'history' is defined by checking a Wikipedia article, translating it into another language, forgetting half of it, and then deliberately misappropriating the rest into a form that would surely baffle the academic community," Kalata explains.

"In real life, Christopher Columbus someone so deeply denial about his misdiscoveries that he wrongly identified an entire race of people - a mistake with ramifications today! - and apparently refused to acknowledge that he'd ever done anything wrong. What kind of foolish buffoon does that? That's what we seek to answer."

Christopher Columbus is an Idiot is also a competing title in Bundle-in-a-Box's Indie Dev Grant.