Terry Cavanagh describes Super Hexagon as a minimal action game, but clearly he's never seen anyone play his game nor the maximal, raging fits that it induces. In Cavanagh's latest masterpiece, players control a grief- or possibly panic-stricken, three-sided, and twitchy eunuch who must escape a spiraling regime that is falling around him.

Okay, some of that is made up. As the trailer suggests, players rotate a triangle left or right to avoid oncoming lines and shapes. One hit, and it's game over! Survive for 60 seconds, and even harder levels unlock for the masochist inside you, the you who never gave up on Vedi Vini Vici.

Those who aren't sure if they can stomach the ride that is Super Hexagon can try the free version first. However, I found myself more immersed, hypnotized even, by holding the game closer to me on my iPad.

Super Hexagon is on sale now for $0.99 for a limited time for iPhone 3GS+ or any iPad. Mac, Windows, and possibly Android builds are coming soon.