This is just for our iPad 2 and 3 audience, so I'm lumping two awesome games together for one post. Fortunately, these are also two great indie games to enjoy on PC, although they are slightly dated on that platform. Damp Gnat's Wonderputt ($0.99) and Cipher Prime's Splice ($3.99) are both essentials for your iPad 2 or 3, even if you don't typically like mini-golf or puzzle games.

First up is Damp Gnat's Wonderputt for $0.99. Shown in the trailer above, it is a truly magical, awe-inspiring golf course that comes to life as you play through each hole. Released last year as a browser title, developer Reece Millidge says he has updated it for iOS with a "larger canvas than the Flash version, high retina res graphics, game centre leaderboards and achievements and a triple length sound track compared with the Flash version."

Up next is Cipher Prime's Splice: Tree of Life.

I gushed over Splice back in June when it released on Steam for Windows and Mac. While the game sits at $9.99 still on Steam, it is a bargain at only $3.99 for iPad 2 or 3.

The main puzzle involves splicing black cells to mimic the white structure outlined in the background. First this involves simple dragging and dropping, but the game later introduces genes that add, destroy, and multiply, making for a tough puzzle game.

For about $5, then, you have two of the finest, recent indie games for iPad 2 or 3.