wasted land free.pngAs we didn't get around to mentioning The Wasted Land's 'Kaul's Diary' DLC (hey, just did!) which introduced a lovely change of sides, we simply had to let you know that said Chaosium-sanctioned turn-based tactical offering got itself a free version up on the App Store. Granted, it isn't much more than a hefty demo that allows you to eventually grab the full game and its expansion, but, if you haven't sampled CoC: The Wasted Land, it is definitely worth a download. Especially if the idea of a tough strategy game set in a Lovecraftian version of World War I sounds appealing to you.

The free version includes a few missions and the tutorial and, trust me, that's all you'll need to find out whether this is your cup of tea. I know it's mine, mind you, and the thing definitely looks great on Retina displays.